• Hynix Note 4GB/2400 (Ram máy bộ Dell)

    Hynix Note 4GB/2400 (Ram máy bộ Dell)


    4GB DDR4 2400MHz Memory chip Memory Type - SODIMM Error Correction - Non-ECC Data Transfer Rate - 2400Mhz
    Hynix Note 4GB/2400 (Ram máy bộ Dell) 850.000
  • Hynix Note 4GB/1600

    Hynix Note 4GB/1600


    1600 MHz frequency 4 GB storage capacity Memory type - DDR3
    Hynix Note 4GB/1600 750.000
  • Hynix Note 4GB/1333

    Hynix Note 4GB/1333


    Guaranteed HYNIX Genuine Brand: HYNIX Part Number: HMT351S6CFR8C-H9 / PC3-10600S Type: Laptop RAM Memory / Memory Type: DDR3
    Hynix Note 4GB/1333 750.000
  • Hynix Note 2GB/1333

    Hynix Note 2GB/1333


    2 GB DDR3 (Double Data Rate Three) RAM SODIMM (for laptop computers) PC3-10600, 1333 MHz 1Rx8, 204-pin
    Hynix Note 2GB/1333 400.000
  • Hynix Note 2GB/800

    Hynix Note 2GB/800


    JEDEC standard Double Data Rate 2 Synchronous DRAMs (DDR2 SDRAMs) with 1.8V +/- 0.1V Power Supply, All inputs and outputs are compatible with SSTL_1.8 interface OCD (Off-Chip Driver Impedance Adjustment) and ODT (On-Die Termination), Fully differential clock operations (CK & /CK) Programmable Burst Length 4 / 8 with both sequential and interleave mode, Auto refresh and self refresh supported: 8192 refresh cycles / 64ms Serial presence detect with EEPROM, DDR2 SDRAM Package: 60 ball(x8) , 84 ball(x16) FBGA 67.60 x 30.00 mm form factor
    Hynix Note 2GB/800 380.000
  • Hynix 4GB/1600

    Hynix 4GB/1600


    Guaranteed Hynix Genuine Part Number: HMT351S6CFR8C-PB / Type: Memory RAM Capacity per Module: 4GB Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM / Bus Speed: PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600)
    Hynix 4GB/1600 750.000
  • Hynix 2GB/1600

    Hynix 2GB/1600


    Thương hiệu Hynix Chủng loại DDR3 Laptop Dung lượng 2GB Kiểu RAM DDR3 PC3L Bus hỗ trợ 11600Mhz PC3L Độ trễ 11-11-11 Tản nhiệt Không Điện áp 1.5V
    Hynix 2GB/1600 380.000
  • Hynix 2GB/1333

    Hynix 2GB/1333


    Manufacturer: Hynix Part Number: HMT125U6TFR8C-H9 Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM Capacity: 4GB 2 x 2GB Bus Type: PC3-10600U (1333)
    Hynix 2GB/1333 380.000
  • Hynix 2GB/800

    Hynix 2GB/800


    2 GB DDR2 (Double Data Rate) RAM PC2-6400 800 mhz 240-pin
    Hynix 2GB/800 350.000
  • Hynix 1GB/800

    Hynix 1GB/800


    General Features: 1 GB DDR2 (Double Data Rate) RAM PC2-6400 800 MHz 200-pin
    Hynix 1GB/800 150.000
  • Hynix 1GB/400

    Hynix 1GB/400


    Memory: 1GB DDR1 RAM 400MHz High Durable Product
    Hynix 1GB/400 120.000